Colonial style living room interior design

One style of interior design which in the classical style is colonial interior design. Type of classical decoration this one certainly has typical characteristic if compared to other classical decoration, as Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Georgian, and etc. The colonial style interior have design and decoration that very beautiful, the classical impression very clearly seen from furniture that used. In interior part of colonial style have spaces which is very formal, type of this style has bedroom on the second floor while the living room, kitchen, and dining room was on the first floor. The colonial style living room have decoration and design that formal, starting from furniture, accessories and other. To the arrangement system furniture on the type of this style has neatness and harmony with the form of the room. Besides neatness, on the type of this style element of classical and historical very clearly visible, both for furniture used and decoration.While in ceiling usually use exposed beam with the arrangement of construction that very neat. For more details, such as whether colonial style living room interior design, take look the explanation with image following.