Comfortable teak wood bath stool design ideas

The teak wood is kind of material in making furniture that have power and beauty texture. because of that reason a lot of furniture made of teak, for example is bath stool. Although have small shape but bath stool have much role in add beauty to the bathroom.The teak bath stool also has some variant in arrangement wood on the upper surface.In addition, the teak bath stool also made according to its placement, for example in the corner, closed in the wall, permanent, or mobile. At present also there is design which combined wood and iron, its means wood as seating, while iron as legs. Besides as the seat, the bath stool also be used as place to put towel, namely by adding a rack in the bottom, so the teak bar stool be dual function. Look these pictures. These Images are the best teak bath stool designs. May useful to you, thank you.