Create a Beautiful Bathroom Decor by Giving the Lighting on the Floor

One of aspects that have big role in beauty decoration a bathroom is lighting. Many people assumed a beauty decoration of bathroom determined by architectural interiors and accessories, but sometimes people forget in terms of lighting. A beautiful lighting in a bathroom have nearly percentage 80 percent on the beauty value. Many people create in terms of lighting on a bathroom. modern-and-trendy-bathroom-design-with-beautiful-lightingThe creative ideas appearing to determine of bathroom design and decoration. One of lighting system that we think interesting is floor lighting. The light placement on the floor of a bathroom was ideas that unique and creative. Why is that, we know on a bathroom can not be separated from which name water, when we take a bath have been confirmed water will spill to the floor. So in designing a lighting to the floor need a spacial attention. Although very difficult, but placement of the light on the floor will produce a bathroom decoration that most remarkable. modern-bathroom-design-with-cute-floor-lightingThe light that resulting from different lights on the floor will be refracted to the wall and equipment of bathroom. The placement of light on a bathroom floor will give different touch if we compare with bathroom which only put light on ceiling. Moreover if we put lights in the floor and ceiling by led strip, so it will make bathroom more beautiful and very interesting.