Create a Unique Decoration in a Bathroom by Placing the Lantern Accessories

To get a bathroom with unique decoration, then we can get around by putting accessories that interesting. One type of unique accessories that put on bathroom is lantern. Lantern has two types of placement, namely with hanged or with only put on vanity. If we want to put lantern accessories above vanity, so it will be very beautiful if we put at the corner. retro-bathroom-lantern-ideasWhile if we want to put lantern accessories on the wall so will be very beautiful if we put it on the right and left sides of wall mirror. That bathroom decoration more romantic then we can put candle in lantern, so it will produce light that very beautiful. antique-silver-bathroom-lantern-accessoriesTo get bathroom decoration more interesting, we can put some lantern accessories with various size. With placing various size of lantern accessories then we can manage and arrange it with more creative and more interesting. Put lantern accessories in a bathroom is one of way that unique and creative to produce a decoration that attracts attention. For more details, take look examples image of lantern accessories that we have prepared here, hopefully  can useful to you.