Creating a beautiful apartment decor by choosing a theme eclectic style

How to blends element of classical style and modern at an apartment? Such as whether integrated elements mentioned if applied in decorate an apartment? From questions above, the right answer is with make the decoration theme apartment with an eclectic style. Such as whether the eclectic apartment decor? The eclectic apartment decor, in accordance with its name is mixing old and new styles. While for its application, for example put modern furniture but with decoration room in the classical style, or also otherwise. Although impressed simple, but we also must pay attention to portions each style, it means integrated consist of some percent modern element and some percent classic element. The two elements must be balanced so as to produce integrated two generations decoration that beautiful and interesting. The following we have provided 15 example of the eclectic apartment decor. Images the following beautiful decoration and interesting, and constitute integrated harmonious of furniture, wall accessories, flooring, ceiling accessories, and wall paint colors.