Creating a beautiful kitchen decor by adding an element of decor accent

How to decorate the kitchen that more beautiful? To decorate a kitchen both modern and classics, of course we will always reflected on furniture beauty and color theme, but when we do with choose furniture and great color theme, but there are still some less than beauty of our kitchen. Why is that, any one element that we miss, it is decor accent, what is decor accent? Decor accent is crowns or aspects in a room that aimed to add beauty. In accordance with subjects of this time, namely kitchen decor accent. Such as whether decor accent to kitchen? There are many kinds of decor accent we can apply in the kitchen, like for example set of turquoise canisters, wine wall decor, fruit ornament, and still many more other examples.There is much thing we can do to the kitchen to look more beautiful. We can also make crowns that more creative and interesting. But we also to be exactly in terms of placement accessories.