Creating a Fresh Interior Decoration by Giving a Touch of Green

In creating an interior that is fresh, often we associate with a green color theme. Despite the refreshing impression is synonymous with the color green, but in terms of its application there are many other elements that could be a reference. In addition to the color green, a fresh impression can also be obtained from other kinds of colors, such as yellow, red or other bright colors. But it is undeniable, that decorate the interior of the house so memorable refreshing, green is the right choice. Besides a fresh impression would be very easy to create by putting some kind of decorative plants. ultra-modern-kitchen-dining-with-fresh-theme-ideasThis is a creative idea in an effort to create an interior that is refreshing. Decorating an interior by placing decorative plants, it can be applied to a variety of rooms, including bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and more. In accordance with the example image that we present here, there are several examples of interior home design and decor with the theme of refreshing impression. An interior of the house that has a touch of green, it will certainly give a new inspiration and passion in the activity. There are some creative ideas in terms of applying a touch of green, for example on the walls, furniture, accessories, or on the floor. We believe that this is one of the creative ideas that can be applied in your home.

amazing-green-interior-theme awesome-kitchen-design-with-green-furniture cool-inspiration-green-bedroom-theme-ideas fresh-bedroom-design-with-sharp-green-wall-color lovely-modern-Japanese-bedroom-design-with-green-touch-accent-color modern-and-trendy-bedroom-design-with-green-touch-theme modern-bathroom-design-with-green-touch-color-accents modern-green-living-room-theme-ideas modern-open-living-room-design-with-fresh-interior-theme unique-green-dining-room-theme-ideas