Creating a unique wall decoration with plate wall art

A unique idea in creating an attractive decorating the walls, one of which is putting plates. A wall is decorated with an assortment of plate shape creates a very beautiful decoration. There are different kinds of plates with different motives. If we put on the wall with a unique arrangement, then we’ll get a beautiful plate wall art. A wall decoration that uses plates would be great if we put in a variety of sizes and motive. The creative idea is very simple but produces a very beautiful decoration. As we know, there are various forms of the plate, there are round, rectangle, oval, and others. Variations in the shape and size of the plate can be utilized as a unique decoration on the walls. In addition, with use of many dishes with different colors is also one of the alternatives in decorating the walls to make it more unique and interesting. Here we give some examples of wall decorations that use plates. In the example presented here, there are some system arrangement of plates, and also consists of some of the decorations with the use of different color and size of the plate.