Creative and artistic garden pathway design

When people are enjoying the beauty and freshness in the garden, off course hoping to get a refresher and recovery into a fresh mind. Garden used by people for recreation, exercise, meditate, play, relieve boredom, to restore the condition of the body, refresh the mind, and many other activities. The benefits we mentioned can be found on the home garden or public garden. Because these reasons, it is necessary to design a garden that is beautiful, fun, and of course refreshing. To achieve these things it is necessary portions of a garden designed as beautiful as possible. One is the pathway, In the garden there is a footpath that used to take a walk when the person be in a garden. The path to a garden called the garden pathway. There are so many designs of garden pathway, people creating new designs that have artistic values. In addition to artistic value, too many pathways are designed with full creative. Then how the design of the garden pathway that creative and artistic? A garden pathway that has a creative and artistic design would be different from the design in general. One example of the creative and artistic garden pathway is the use of stone and gravel, with an attractive design, pathway created by making the composition of the stone and gravel, if prepared with creative design would produce a wonderful pathway. Besides other types of materials that can be used for garden pathway include, wood, brick, Flagstone, sand, concrete, and etc. In accordance with the above title, here we provide examples of creative and artistic garden pathway design, either with materials of stone, brick, wood, concrete, gravel, or tiles.