Creative and multifunctional dining room table design

Table is one of the main furniture is on the dining room, either indoor and outdoor. There are many design from the dining table, creativity makes the dining table in the create form of varied. Among the many design, there is one of the interesting namely the dining table in the design of creative and have many functions. There are various bright ideas from the creativity of the designing a dining table to become furniture with many functions. For example a dining table that is designed as a place to eat and as a place to store the goods, or the dining table that will be able to change to a seat, or a dining table that can be change to coffee table, or a dining table that can be functioned as a sidetable, and many more other examples. Creative dining table also consists of various types, including folding,sliding, and etc. In addition, creativity from the dining table can be seen from the two sides, the first is the form, while the second is seen in the design of functional. For that here we are providing examples of images from the dining table in the design of the multi-function and have an interesting form.