Creative and unique mushroom shaped table design

One of the unique plant species that can be replicated into a furniture is a mushroom. With creative ideas, these plants can be replicated form into a table or stool. The mushroom shaped table, a unique table that has the same shape with the fungus, it will make the table a very unique and interesting. The type of table to be set up like a mushroom, including coffee table, sidetable, endtable, and a dining table. As in the original mushroom plant consists of a large mushroom that resembles an open umbrella, and there is also a small sized resembles a closed umbrella. Both the size of the mushroom can be applied to a table with stools that surrounds it, with the application that is great as table mushroom, while the small mushroom as stools. To create a table with a mushroom shape, we can use materials of wood, plywood, glass, wrought iron, or other. Art creativity is very visible from the table and stool with a mushroom shape. The design of this table will be more unique and creative if it really made like original mushroom. If placed on the indoor or outdoor of a house, it will make the design and decoration more beautiful and attractive. Here we present examples of creative and unique design of mushroom shaped table, either outdoor or indoor.