Creative and unique wall garden decoration ideas

One type of garden design that unique designed is wall garden, varieties of this garden can be said unique because plants planted to the wall with unique decoration. This type of garden usually on the interior of home or kind of other buildings. Creativity and high imagination is necessary to make wall garden, why is that? In designing a wall garden that beautiful required exactness and arrangement system of plants. In addition in choose type of plant also to be exactly, so that it will formed a beautiful plants combination. Besides functioned as adder beauty of the interior, the wall garden also be functioned as produce fresh air in the room, so that the room will cool and comfortable. In accordance with the title above, here we will give the examples of creative and unique wall garden decoration. The unique wall garden decoration, as in the picture here, a wall garden consisting of several types of plants, and with the arrangement system that neat as a pattern composed very interesting. Or another example, a wall garden being on the interior wall of a home, that made interior decoration that unique and very creative. Besides the examples that we were mentioned, here still many more example of creative and unique wall garden design that have beautiful and interesting decorations.