Creative indoor hanging staircase design

As we know, on the indoor area of a house, there is one of the facilities complement that we can make the media to beautify the interior is staircase. For the houses have more than one floor, the placement of the staircase is the main thing. Staircase is access from the first floor to the floor next. Incredible, there are currently many designs of indoor staircase, including unique, creative, antique, and etc. In addition in terms of material, today there are also many different kinds including wood, glass, metal and etc. Whereas if seen from the placement also possesses many including hanging staircase design,wall mounted staircase, hanging spiral staircase, and still many more. From some of the examples which we mentioned earlier, there is one type of design from the indoor staircase that according to the us is very unique and interesting for discussion, namely hanging staircase. With a unique architectural and with the calculation of the strength of the right and it will be created an indoor hanging staircase that very beautiful. Indoor hanging staircase has a unique construction, why? With the reason on one side gets stuck in the wall on the other side of the hanging in the ceiling, unique not? This design is very suitable if you want to add the beauty of architectural home interior.