Creative interior and exterior brick architectural patterns

Brick is a type of material that is widely used as the main material to make the house and the types of other buildings. Brick can be applied in the interior and stylish exterior of a house. At first glance the material brick may be the ordinary but if we are more creative in styling and arrange, then we will be a brick pattern that is very beautiful. The Art of architectural brick actually has existed since the first era. It is proved by the existence of the ancient houses which is firmly until now. We see from the houses of classical style with architectural brick that very beautiful. In the modern era, material brick used as riding the beauty of a house, both in the interior and stylish exterior. A house that is designed with exposed brick will give something unique, especially if supported by the creative architectural design. On a house, we can apply the creative brick pattern on the wall, the floor, and even on the ceiling. The creative architectural brick will make the house has a unique and interesting decoration, both for the interior and stylish exterior. From some description above, of course will be interesting if we try to apply on our house. In addition to the following references we provide some examples of creative brick architectural patterns for both the stylish exterior and interior.