Creative tv unit decoration and placement

The TV unit is facility attachment on a house, there are some parts that are usually in place of the TV unit, including bedroom, living room and kitchen. In addition, TV units have three kinds of how to replace, including wall TV unit, hanging TV unit , and standing TV unit. From the three types of how to replace, there are things that we can do in order to increase the beauty of the decoration. To decorated TV unit, especially for wall TV and standing tv, we can do with the two ways, the first is in terms of the placement and the second is the giving of the accessories in the area around the TV units. For the second way, to decorated a TV unit, we can put the accessories in the wall, for example wall mural, colorful painting, decorative accessories, wall shelves, lighting, and etc. While in the case of the placement, for the type of wall mounted, we can be creative by placing the TV units in between the sideboard and wall cabinets. For standing tv unit, we can be creative by putting on the mounted wall TV stand. For the creation of the other, for example we can put the TV unit on top of the aquarium, or by designing the wall with a unique architectural. Some ways that we have mentioned here is the creative ideas in decoration and the placement of TV, and also to make it more beautiful and attractive.