Creative Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity Design Both with Cabinets or Without

To designing a bathroom that unique and look neat, the main thing that support it were placement and installing way of furniture. Furniture and accessories is the main contents of a bathroom. For that its placement should really harmonious with form of bathroom room. creative-aquarium-wall-mounted-bathroom-vanityOne way in creating a bathroom that neat is to choose and put type of wall mounted vanity. There are various types of materials and design of wall mounted bathroom vanity, for example use material of wood, glass, ceramic, bamboo, and other. If we look at in terms of functional, the wall mounted bathroom vanity consisting of two types, namely with cabinets and without cabinets. creative-and-unique-wall-mounted-bathroom-vanity-designTo type of wall mounted vanity with cabinets, certainly have more value which is to storing goods. From the second types, we can add decor accent on the surface of vanity, for example flowers, and other accessories. According with the title above, we present some examples of creative wall mounted bathroom vanity, both with cabinets or without cabinets. To be more detail, look at examples of images that we have prepared here.