Decorate a Bathroom Vanity with Beautiful Lighting

Vanity is one part of bathroom that we can decorating with beautiful. In decorate a bathroom vanity, both free standing and wall mounted styles. To decorate a bathroom vanity can be done by various ways, for example put accessories on the surface, decorate with ornaments that is interesting, or by giving a lighting. This thing would be very interesting, especially if we right in managing accessories, or proper in giving lighting.comfortable-bathroom-design-with-creative-vanity-lighting In terms of lighting for bathroom vanity, we can create with various kinds of the lights placement. In general, vanity consisting of some part, namely sink, faucet, countertop, and cabinets or drawers. Of the several parts of these there were several parts which we can use to put light. In each of parts have type of lamp and lighting system that different. We take example to right lighting can beautify of bottom vanity, we can put lights on the floor or in the under of vanity cabinets. modern-master-bathroom-design-with-fantastic-vanity-lightingThe next for lighting that aimed at countertop vanity, we can put the light on wall cabinet, or under vanity countertop. But many decoration of bathroom vanity which gives lighting at the top and at the bottom. Type of lights that used usually led strip. But for lighting at the top of vanity, usually use type of downlight lamps. Specifically to glass countertop, the effect of light that result more beautiful and very interesting.modern-comfortable-bathroom-design-with-smart-vanity-lighting Besides type of lights and placement system lights, we can also created by election of light color, for example, blue lights, purple light, yellow lights, white light, and other.