Decorate the Table to Make It Look Unique and Interesting by Placing Origami Tableware


Origami is the art of paper folding originating from Japan. Origami is known by many people because it can enhance creativity. With the sheets of paper we can turn them into various objects. In folding the paper is necessary perseverance, creativity, and high imagination. After becoming an object, the result of paper folds will form a unique and interesting design. So what if the form of origami we apply to a real object? There are many things that can be made with the design of an origami form, such as chairs, tables, sofas, and other types of furniture.


From some objects that are made like origami, there is one kind of object that is interesting for us to discuss, that is tableware. The tableware is one type of decor accent placed on the table. In accordance with its original purpose, the placement of tableware aims to embellish the decoration of a table. With origami tableware, the table decorations will be more interesting. What are examples of origami tableware? Look at the example we present here. There are cups, teapot, cans, saucers, plates, glasses, ashtrays, and more. Everything looks very unique and interesting.