Dragon table with glass top is the creative ideas that have high art value

The value of art is something that can provide a beautify. The art can be applied to any object, touch the value of art on an object will give something different. In designing a furniture, provides a touch of art will make the furniture more beautiful and attractive. Along with the passing of time, this time many creative ideas that make a furniture with the form which is very unique and beautiful. gold-dragon-coffee-table-with-glass-topOne example that according to us a work that the extraordinary is to make a table with the theme of the dragon. The dragon table is one of the furniture made by providing artistic touch. Dragon, as we know, is a creature which symbolizes the impression creepy and identical with fire and can be assured that we are of course familiar with the dragon, but what if the creature we set as a theme to create a table? In the create table with the theme of the dragon, there are some materials that can be used, one of which is the wood. A finely carved wood in the form of being the dragon of course will be very interesting and unique. To the top, will be better if we use the material transparent glass. The benefits of this glass material selection is when we see from above, then the dragon still can we see. See examples of images that we serve here. There are various types of table created with the theme of the dragon, including coffee table, end table, and sidetable.