Epoxy Resin Flooring is Suitable for a Public Bathroom

One type of materials that can used as floor of a bathroom is epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is mixture of hardener and resin that formed into a rigid plastic materials, type of this material have the strength that remarkable. After finishing, epoxy resin flooring have result very glossy. It has many excellence and advantage, beside the strength, the epoxy resin have the appearance of glossy such as glass or marble. In addition material of epoxy resin have resistance to degradation and bond. unique-epoxy-bathroom-flooringA bathroom that uses material of epoxy resin as the floor, it is very great if designed with another creativity, for example we make become colors that variegated, or with motives that various also. Type of material epoxy resin is very suitable used in public bathroom. Because it has resistance that high, so epoxy resin very appropriate for applied to bathroom that requires of change in design for long times. public-bathroom-toilet-design-with-decorative-epoxy-flooringTherefore public bathroom is the type of suitable bathroom if applied the type of epoxy resin floor. In accordance with this subjects, here we also gave some example of bathroom that uses the floor of epoxy resin. The examples that we present here consisting of several motive epoxy resin bathroom flooring.