How to arrange furniture for a bachelor apartment to make it look neat and not boring

If you are a bachelor, and live in an apartment, surely you will seek to decorate your apartment to be beautiful and interesting. But most of bachelor will decorate it with various ideas and ambitions that arises from ourselves. In addition solitude factors made we will be more free expression in decorate and organize the furniture. If you wits idea in organize space your apartment, here we presenting examples the structuring and selection the form of furniture that appropriate with bachelor style. Basically the bachelor apartment furniture have the simple form, but not forget element beauty, especially for main spaces in the apartment. For example, bedroom, living room, and dining room. To look neat and comfortable occupied, so in putting furniture should really considered. In addition shape and size of each furniture must be adjusted with broad apartment, so we do not saturated and boring. Here we give examples picture about the structuring and the placement furniture to bachelor apartment that very neat and interesting.