How to be creative with blue and purple room ideas

Now many bedroom that have the theme about color, both modern style or classical style bedroom. In choosing color usually people will create by appetites. There are many the color theme can be chosen. But not all people brilliance in designing bedroom based on the color theme.

Here we will discuss the bedroom with the blue and purple theme.We can combine it or each stand own. A bedroom that purple theme, be better you make with add white and black color, for example the floor and the wall white then bed black, curtains purple, fur rug purple, bedding set white and purple while furniture black color. You can also combine two of color between purple and black, for example purple color for wall, carpet, bedding set and chairs while the black color to the floor, sideboard and bed frame. While for the bedroom with blue theme, you can combine with black and white. For example the wall colored blue, bedding set colored black white, blue pillow, white carpet, and the floor of laminate wood. Besides example above you can also choose designs bedroom blue and violet theme as examples picture mentioned.