How to decorate a beautiful bedroom with a decor accent

Have a beautiful bedroom is hope everybody, many ways done so that our bedroom look more beautiful and interesting. Beauty on a bedroom can be created by making a good decoration. How to make decoration bedroom to be beautiful? On a bedroom consisting of several constituent, including the floor, furniture, wall, and ceiling. To create a beautiful bedroom, not only concentrated of a main element, one of additional element that can make bedroom look interesting and beautiful is accessories. Accessories for bedroom that aimed is decor accent. Such as whether the example of decor accent to bedroom? As we explain above, beauty created from good decoration. This decoration includes system placement of furniture, accessories, kind of accessories, and color theme. In terms of place, to wall decor accent, we can take the example of wallpaper, painting, pictures, lights ornamental, and other wall decorations. While for ceiling examples are hanging lamp, hanging ornament, or chandelier. On the furniture we can also put accessories that is interesting, moreover on furniture bed.