How to decorate the porch or terrace with a Halloween theme

In decorating the exterior of a house, certainly a lot of creative ideas we can do. One part of the house exterior we can decor with a creative idea is the porch. Porch is an exterior face of the whole house. On the porch or terrace will be the center of attention of the guests or people passing through. Therefore, at this very need to be considered in terms of design and decoration. This is done so that the house has an attractive exterior appearance, especially on the porch or terrace. neo-classical-halloween-porch-theme-ideasFrom some of the decorating theme for the porch or terrace, there is one theme that is unique but very interesting, the theme is Halloween. The Halloween theme is very identical with pumpkins, creepy, old, ghost, corn plants, crows, and others. This theme is very unique and gives a feel sinister. Even so, this theme also have a different impression with themes other decorations. Then how to decorate the home exterior with a Halloween theme? The main thing to consider is that in terms of laying pumpkins. In laying the pumpkin, try to be in a position easily visible, for example on the exterior staircase, above the fence, at the corner of the terrace, or on the right and left of the main door. creative-front-porch-decoration-with-halloween-themeTo add to the uniqueness of the decoration, it is very interesting if we add other accessories, such as bats, human skulls, black cats, and many others. To get a decor that attracts attention, it should be noted that not too much to put accessories, this will make the porch or terrace look messy. We use accessories as needed, but the theme that we made is still clearly visible. As with the theme discussed this time, which is Halloween.