How to Design a Bathroom Floor with Flagstone

Flagstone is the type of arrangement rock that unique and interesting. Flagstone usually applied in outdoor area, for example in decks, pathway, flooring, and patio. But now these are some creativity that apply flagstone for the flooring of a bathroom. What was the its result? A bathroom that uses floor with flagstone, it is very interesting. With the arrangement system of rock that unique, bathroom that uses flagstone floor in fact provides give different nuance. classic-bathroom-with-flagstone-flooringThe flagstone on the bathroom floor affect of beauty decoration as whole. Although rarely once indoor bathroom that uses floor of flagstone, But if we really setting the arrangement of stone with smart, so we will gets a bathroom with floor that can be attract attention. The flagstone you can make reference as floor to your bathroom. But if you have not ideas, how to apply flagstone on the floor of a bathroom, therefore, here we give some examples of creative idea in designing bathroom floor with flagstone. From some example these images that we present here, hopefully can give new inspiration for you.