How to Design a Colorful Kitchen Floor to Make It More Attractive

On previously article we have discussed about kitchen that uses black and white color as the color theme to the floor. How if the discussion we must continue to kitchen floor with colorful theme? How its influence to the design and decoration of a kitchen? A kitchen that is have colorful floor theme will give atmosphere more fresh and not boring. Style of colorful kitchen floor would make the floor more interesting and beautiful. Besides on furniture the application of colorful theme can also to the floor, this will provide solutions in designing kitchen that more interesting. As we know, there are so many kinds of colors which we can apply to the kitchen floor. Of the many kinds of colors we can make color floor theme, but there are some things that we have to see, that is composition and arrangement system of each color. We can take example of images which we present here, there are some types of color that used for color theme kitchen floor, for example blue and white, green and white, green and brown, yellow and white, and still many more other examples. The examples images that we present here, we can see the use of colorful theme to the floor very influential in beauty design of a kitchen.