How to Design a Laundry Room to Make It Look More Attractive and Comfortable

Laundry room is part of the existing space in the house, hotel or apartment. Laundry room is usually located near the bathroom area or in the kitchen area. In this room consists of several washing equipment and some furniture. This room also has a very important role in a dwelling. Therefore, for the sake of comfort and satisfaction, the laundry room must also be considered in terms of design and decoration. beautiful-laundry-room-decor-ideasHow to design a laundry room to be comfortable and attractive? In terms of placement, we can put the laundry room in the kitchen area, or it could be in the bathroom area. If we put in the kitchen area, it would be very appropriate if we place a washing machine at the far end of the room. Washing machine we place closer to the wall just under the wall cabinets. calming-laundry-room-designTo make it look more attractive, then on the right and left sides of the washing machine, we place the vanity cabinets. Likewise with the laundry room is in place in the bathroom area. To add to the beauty of the laundry room, the walls we decorate with wallpaper or other accessories. If we do not want to put too many accessories, then the walls were painted with a color that matches the color of the equipment in it. In addition, by placing some ornamental plants, will certainly add to the beauty of the decor of the laundry room.