How to design a living room under stairs to make it look more attractive

One of the art of architectural interior on a house that seem interesting is the placement of the living room under stairs. The living room under stairs have the uniqueness of the arrangement of furniture. In addition, on the design of the living room has view which is very interesting, with the background a stairs, then the design of the living room looks more unique. With creative ideas, so we can be decorated this wall with the decorations. In the modern living room, there are several stairs design that is unique and creative, this will increase the uniqueness of the living room. comfortable-living-room-under-stairsAs we know, on indoor from a house there are many design from the stairs, including hooks, flat,wall mounted, hanging, and etc. If we placed a living room in the bottom, then from the interior design of the house will be very beautiful. In addition, the utilization of the area under the stairs to be made a living room, this can also eliminate the impression is empty. On the type of living room, we can be creative with various styles on the arrangement of furniture, for example we select the type of L shaped sofa, U shaped sofa, or I shaped sofa. On the corner, we can also install wall shelves, it will add more interesting decoration. For the placement of the sofa, we can put the couch closer together on the wall or with add sideboard at the back of the couch.