How to Design a Long Narrow Bathroom so that More Efficient and Beautiful

When we determine shape of space of the parts house of course not always smooth.  Sometime we had difficulty, this thing common because we must be want a house with the division of room that right and harmonious. Sometimes we found inside of house seen empty, this thing could we use to be beneficial, for example become a bathroom. But there are some people which wants to make bathroom with room form that elongated.  best-long-narrow-bathroom-designAlong narrow space bathroom, this bathroom design have unique form with form elongated room, of course become different sensations compared to bathroom with form of square room. To designing long narrow bathroom, there are several things that we have to watch especially in terms managing bathroom equipment. How to managing all bathroom equipment that neat and harmonious?  cozy-long-narrow-bathroom-designOk, in managing all bathroom equipment, the first thing to consideration is efficiency. Why is that? if we managing all bathroom equipment that efficient then we will made comfortable while in bathroom. impressive-naroow-space-bathroom-designThe first equipment is bathtub, put bathtub at the end of narrow space, besides efficient, it is also give the neatly impression in bathroom. The next is vanity cabinet, this furniture we put on the wall along of narrow space, it aims to get efficiency and neatness can be achieved. As final touch, we can put the adorn light in the wall or floor, while main lights on ceiling we can choose type of downlight.

aesthetic-loft-narrow-bathroom-design captivating-white-long-narrow-bathroom-design contemporary-narrow-bathroom-decor cool-modern-small-space-bathroom-design eco-friendly-narrow-space-bathroom-design extraordinary-narrow-bathroom-design fresh-narrow-bathroom-ideas modern-classic-narrow-bathroom-decor modern-classy-narrow-bathroom-design modern-tropical-narrow-bathroom-design modern-white-narrow-bathroom-decoration modern-white-narrow-bathroom-design