How to design a unique attic living room

In a house, there is one part that was interesting to be given treatment. In that section is usually only used as a warehouse. So that all parts of the house can be utilized to the maximum, it would require a creativity. Attic is part of the house which is usually less get attention. With creative ideas, we can use the attic into a living room. unique-attic-living-room-designHow to design an attic living room? Attic is the very top of a house, the attic has an area such as on the second floor or the first floor, or floor before. By utilizing this area, then we can create a living room in the attic. Of course it will be very interesting, and has a unique design. The attic has a unique shape of the room, this uniqueness visible on the ceiling. This makes the shape of the ceiling will adjust to the shape of the roof. With this design, the attic living room is a unique kind of style. modern-and-trendy-attic-living-room-designWhen we design an attic living room, then in arranging all kinds of furniture should have the right position. As in the other living room design, this design also consists of a sofa, coffee table, and some additional furniture. For the floor, the attic living room will be more beautiful if we use material from wood. The type of wood material also has a light weight, so it will reduce the burden.beautiful-attic-living-room-decorating-ideas In addition we see in terms of furniture and floor, there is one part that makes the attic living room looks very unique, its walls and ceiling. In order for us to get air circulation and good light, it would be better if we put a glass window on the roof. In addition, we can also use the glass as a wall. At the top, we can also design it with exposed beams, or with unique ceiling. Likewise with existing accessories on walls and ceilings, of course, will also have uniqueness in terms of placement. See just as examples of pictures which we present here.