How to Determine the Ideal Position of Wall Murals in Bathroom

The wall is one of main media which we can create be an interesting. So also wall in bathroom, there are many ways we can do to get a wall bathroom decoration which beautiful and interesting. Need be noted, that beautiful wall decoration will give a great percentage on its created a interior design which beautiful and interesting. pretty-floral-mural-bathroom-wall-decorationIn decorate wall of a bathroom, one of them is with murals. The murals on the wall were two types, that are with frame and without frame. These second types must be adjusted by interior design of bathroom. To type of murals without frame, usually close the all parts of wall, this terms will give the interesting impression on bathroom. The placement of mural that ideal is on the wall behind of bathtub. fresh-mural-bathroom-wall-decorBut if bathroom have elongated design, so we put on the end wall. The following are some examples of the most beautiful mural bathroom wall decor, in examples of images that we present here consisting of mural with frame and of mural without frame.

beach-mural-bathroom-wall-decor bonzai-mural-bathroom-wall-decor bubble-mural-bathroom-wall-decor cool-mural-bathroom-corner-wall-decor creative-floral-mural-bathroom-wall-decor creative-floral-mural-tiles-bathroom-wall-decor eco-friendly-mural-bathroom-wall-decor floral-bathroom-wall-decor-ideas undersea-mural-bathroom-wall-decor unique-mural-bathroom-wall-decor