How to make an interesting end table decoration

End table is one type of complementary furniture for the living room. End table have the size small, the furniture is placed beside the sofa or at each end of the sofa. With its small, end table sometimes less we pay attention to in terms of design and decoration. Despite a furniture complement, where end table influence on the beauty of decorating the interior of a living room. End table made from a variety of materials, such as wood, glass, stainless steel, wrought iron, and etc. lovely-simple-end-table-decorTo add to the beauty of the end table would require an attractive decor. Given the surface of the end table is limited, then in decorating we have to be really clever. If we are clever in determining accessories, then it will give a different touch to the decor surface of the table. Maybe we have a lot to know about the accessories that are usually placed on the end table, but how to select and arrange the matching accessories that may be an obstacle.simple-way-end-table-decor All right! Decorate an end table does not have to put a lot of accessories on the table. Although only put one or two accessories, but if we are right in choosing the design of the accessories, it will create an attractive decoration of the end table. In general, end table will be filled by a table lamp, vase of flowers, books, and other accessories. In choosing the design of a table lamp and a vase of flowers, to make it more attractive, then we have to adjust to the shape of the surface of the end table. As in general, end table surface consists of several types, including round, rectangle, oval, and a unique form. If we were able to adjust the shape of the surface in the form of end table with accessories, then we would be an end table with interesting decor.