How to make efficient house design that has modern and classic styles

Most people would try to make big house with filled luxury, and modern. But sometimes people forget some thing that need observed when build a house, and have the benefit that mach, one of it is efficiency. Home that efficient can be meant efficient in the arrangement each space, interior or exterior design. But another thing is more important is energy efficiency. contemporary-efficient-house-designsThe efficient house design, have many variants, the efficiency house usually have minimalist design, so that the impression efficient can be shown of its design. Efficient house especially on the regulation of its exterior design, starting from the door, window, kind of its wall, and also its yard. Almost all of the efficient house, more will use energy sunlight in manage exterior design. Any from some houses that efficient designed with open bedroom or with glass wall, or more use glass material. The efficient home design also have some style, there is modern style, or classical style. For modern style usually roofed concrete, and more many glass element windows on front exterior future design. As that show, there are several efficient house design that perhaps will provide solution to you to build comfortable house.