How to Make Mini Kitchen Garden with Vegetables and Herbs

Green color is the type of color that is identical to life and coolness, there are so many theme of kitchen that uses green color. The green kitchen decor is the kitchen that uses green color as main color. To create a kitchen with cool atmosphere and fun, so there is so much thing that we can do, one of which interesting is to make mini indoor garden in the kitchen. smart-idea-kitchen-gardenHow to make mini garden in the kitchen? To make garden in the kitchen we can use window to put plant pots that contains plants, in addition we can also make racks that filled pots with various kinds of plants. In a kitchen, the unique way in making a mini garden is by using wall to put plants pots. There is one way that unique and creative, namely hanging plant pots on the ceiling with position of pot is inverted. If we hung above on the kitchen island it would be very beautiful and efficient, why is that, if we plant kind of vegetable plant so will be more fun, because we can taking direct vegetables for us cook. Besides ways above, still many more examples of mini kitchen garden. The types of ideal plants is vegetable or herbs plant, two types of that plant if we plant in mini kitchen garden so will bring two benefits at once, that is as trimmer and also as plants that needs.