How to make the interior decor of the kitchen more beautiful and attractive by placing the aquarium accents

When we want to put an accent in the interior room, maybe that be attention is placement. There are several decor accent that very interesting and can be place in almost all parts in the house. One of decor accent that interesting is aquarium tank, kind of accent to add beauty to the kitchen. There are various kinds of design and size of aquarium tank, starting from rectangular shape, ball shaped, and unique shape. In terms of placement, at the kitchen there are several placement system, for example is in the middle of furniture, above furniture or under part of furniture. If we put in the middle of furniture, usually on wall cabinets, for that put on top furniture usually above kitchen island, while which located at the under of furniture, usually in kitchen island. All kinds of placement, if we can adapted with form of room and form of furniture, so we will get a kitchen with decor accent aquarium tanks be beautiful and more have live atmosphere. On an aquarium sure there will be lights, light resulting from the lights will make aquarium was more beautiful and interesting. As examples images that we present here, there are some examples of the best placement aquarium kitchen accent ideas.