How to mix kitchen and bedroom in one room to get efficiency

From some parts of a house, we can be mixed in one room. This is the aim of our activities more efficient. In a house or apartment is certainly have bedroom,kitchen,dining room,living room,and bathroom. From these parts, when in mixed into one room will provide benefits in efficiency. Part of the house of which we can be mixed into one room as an example is the kitchen with bedroom. Mixed between the bedroom and the kitchen is a creative ideas, for example placing bedroom on kitchen, or placing the kitchen on the bedroom. The two design is equally efficient, but to kitchen equipped with bedroom, it has a different design, if compared with the bedroom equipped with kitchen. For additional bedroom on a kitchen, we can put the type of loft bedroom. On this design bedroom placed above the wall cabinets, means with a higher position from the kitchen then you will get an interior design is unique and interesting. While for the design of the bedroom equipped with kitchen, we can put the attachment kitchen in front of the bed or can also on the side of the bed. If you want to provide comfort without removing the efficiency, so we can provide temporary divider.