Modern and classical silver dining room sets

One of theme for dining room that many popular people is silver. This theme can also said the millennium theme, because this color is identical to it. The silver dining room design in terms of its application mostly for furniture, but there is also its application on wall or floor. The silver dining table consisting of the table draft made of stainless steel, with the top made from glass and designed very beautiful and interesting. Or all parts of table made from stainless steel that formed very beautiful. While for the dining chair, silver color usually in draft, while for seating and parapet will be given of different colors. If kind of chair and table integrated in the dining room, so will be gotten a dining sets very trendy and interesting. The modern or classical silver dining room sets looks very luxurious, this is because silver color that is although only few percent, but will emit lights that can make the dining room be brighter. Here are examples of modern and classical dining room sets the best and most interesting.