Modern and fun optometry office interior design

Optometry is one of places examinations eyes, therefore interior design from this place comfort requires for patients. Optometry office consisting of practice room, waiting room, and lobby area. Third parts was needed an interior design that is comfortable and fun. We can start from lobby area, on this part is the first times place the patient came, in lobby area there is table receptionist, design and decoration of the table and ceiling on this area should have gratify impression, so that the patient would comfortable and enjoy its decoration. The second is waiting room, in this area there are chairs for the patients that wait for examined, this place also have decoration and furniture that comfortable and gratify. Then the third is practice room, in this part is consisting of equipment examinations eyes, and of course furniture for ophthalmologist, in this part all the equipment and furniture have to managed with neat, this is aimed that patients not get bored and comfortable when examinations eyes. In optometry office usually there is showroom used to place showcase all types and design of glasses. In this area are the shelves that designed very beautiful and interesting. Here we have provided the examples of optometry office interior design, starting from waiting room, lobby area, show room area, and practice room.