Modern Dining Room with Creative Wall Plants Decor Ideas


In decorating a dining room, there are many ways we can do. In all parts of the house requires a beautiful interior decoration, it aims to make the room look attractive. So also with dining room, in this section there is one creative idea that we can apply, it so that dining room looks unique and interesting.


The creative idea is to decorate the walls by placing various plants. In arranging plants on the walls of the dining room, it needs creativity that can change the dining room looks very fresh and beautiful. We can put the plants on the pots that are hung on the wall, in addition we can also put the plant directly in planting on the wall.


A wall of dining room that is decorated with various plants, it will provide a fresh atmosphere. By placing a lot of plants on the wall, it can also provide oxygen productivity in the dining room to be many. That way, when we are in the dining room it will get a comfort.


This creativity can be applied to open dining room and closed dining room. What do you think? This idea is certainly very brilliant and innovative. You can apply this creative idea to the dining room in your home. As a reference, here we also present some examples of dining room that has walls with ornaments of various plants. In addition to these examples of decoration also consists of several creative ideas in placing and arranging plants on the walls of the dining room.