Modern red and black living room decorating ideas and some ideas of red and black colours placement applications

How to choose the color theme to a living room to look bright? what is the color theme will give the impression of glowing on the living room? Of course red its choice. But what color will be integrated? So choice black color as companion color. So you will designing a living room with the color theme of red and black.

The modern living room with the red theme and black will look more bright and colorful, the red theme in the living room can apply in to furniture, wall or decor accent. A living room with red sofa will look more bright and fresh. The red upholstered for modern living room have trendy design and impressed classy. We can see example images here. But the red theme in living room can also applied to wall or ceiling. While for red accent decor, we can applying to sofa cushion, accessories, wallpaper, standing floor lamp, hanging lamp, or the rug area. While black color in the living room, can be applied to furniture or floor, for example to the coffee table, endtable, shelves, rack, carpets, sofa, some wall, and accessories. For more details see some examples of the picture here, that is modern living room with the interior theme of red and black.