Modern Small Bathroom with Corner Shower Room

If you want to make a small bathroom with equipment that complete and efficient, of course there are many  thing we have to review. In small bathroom would have been difficult if compared to spacious bathroom or master bathroom. With the limited space area, it will give an obstacles for us in designing. But the important thing that we need to remember, all the problems we can overcome by creative idea and cleverness in managing a small bathroom. comfortable-small-bathroom-design-with-corner-glass-shower-roomIn general, bathroom consisting of bathtub, shower room, toilet, vanity, and some additional equipment. The question is how to designing a small bathroom which have full equipment? The first thing which we do is put main equipment of bathroom that is bathtub, shower room, toilet and vanity. calming-modern-bathroom-design-with-small-corner-shower-roomIn small bathroom, shower room is very ideal if we put in corner, while the toilet we put beside shower room, while bathtub we can put it on the toilet side. To look neat and exciting, in small bathroom it would be better if we use wall mounted vanity. Besides neat, this thing also get atmosphere in small bathroom cleaner and fun. Here we give you some examples of the most efficient small bathroom with corner shower.

beautiful-modern-small-bathroom-design-with-corner-glass-shower-room contemporary-small-bathroom-design-with-corner-glass-shower-room cool-minimalist-bathroom-design-with-corner-shower eco-friendly-small-bathroom-design-with-corner-glass-shower-room modern-minimalist-bathroom-design-with-corner-shower modern-small-tropical-bathroom-design-with-corner-shower-room small-bathroom-remodel-corner-shower small-bathroom-with-small-corner-shower-room wonderful-modern-bathroom-design-with-corner-shower-room