Modern Smart Living Room Design with Yellow Accent

To get the decoration of the living room to make it look more attractive, it is important there is the addition of accent colors. As we know the color accent is an additional color that looks very striking in a room. Color accent is not a primary color, accent is an additional color that aims to supplement the beauty of an interior decoration. As with the living room, to add to the beauty of the interior, it is suggested to provide accent colors. To note is that the color accent will be very interesting if you select the type of sharp colors, such as red, yellow, green, blue, lemon green, orange, pink, and others. contemporary-living-room-design-with-yellow-color-accentThe use of color accent in a living room will look very striking. In terms of application, color accent to be precise in terms of composition and placement. As we discuss today, a modern living room given yellow accent color. In decorating a living room with yellow accent, the theme of the room should be dark colors, such as dark gray, black, dark blue, brown, and others. modern-white-living-room-design-with-yellow-accentIn addition to dark colors, types of other colors that will appeal if given a yellow accent color is white. For the application of yellow accent in a living room can be on pillows, chair, coffee table accents, sofa, coffee table, rug, wall accessories, and floor accessories. A modern living room that is given a touch of yellow accent will look very beautiful, interesting, and memorable.