Natural Pine Wood Bathroom Furniture Design

Beside of teak wood and mahogany wood, there is type other wood which can be used to make furniture, namely pine wood. Furniture that made of pine wood have excess in terms of texture.The pine wood have unique texture, there are lines with groove that neat and beautiful. Of this excess, so furniture made of pine wood have the results that very beautiful, with the condition its design also have to be good. retro-natural-pine-wood-bathroom-vanity-ideasAlthough without pass through painting process, a pine furniture still looks beautiful. If we designing with natural, texture of wood still looks beautiful and unique. The natural pine wood furniture, this is very interesting, natural texture of wood give different impression to design. Pine wood might be made in various kinds of furniture, both for indoor and outdoor. ancient-natural-pine-wood-bathroom-vanity-drawersFor example, here we will provide example and explanations of bathroom furniture that made of pine wood. we take example of pinewood bathroom vanity, a bathroom vanity that made of pine wood will have uniqueness its own. It was because the texture of pine wood showing the sturdy impression. The second example is wall bathroom table, with unique texture, the surface of table more interesting looking. Besides unique texture, in pine wood containing oil, this would increase the artistic impression. As appendix of information, the following appendix examples images of pine wood bathroom furniture.