New Idea of Apartment Design that Combines Dining Room with Living Room

As we know, almost all apartment have limited area. Therefore, all parts placed on the one area, for example in studio apartment. With that reason, so there is important things that we must be watching that is, how to arranging part by part on an apartment to look neat and interesting? In designing apartment, we have to smart in determine the location of each parts.wonderful-apartment-living-and-dining-decorating-ideas An apartment have the parts as on the type of dwelling that another. The parts such as bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, and etc. Of these some parts, there were an idea that we can practice on apartment. The idea that we mean is combined the dining room with living room. What if the dining room combined with living room? From some example images and explanation, an apartment that combined living room with dining room, it is looks very neat and efficient. tropical-apartment-design-with-living-and-dining-room-combination-ideasAs in general, an apartment will combined the dining room with kitchen. But the merger of dining room with living room had more advantages. The more that referred such as neatness, efficiency, interesting, and have the different impression. Here we give some examples of apartment design that combines the dining room with living room. May these ideas and information is useful for you.