Perfect Modern Parallel Style Kitchen Design Ideas

In designing a kitchen, of course we want a satisfactory result. One creative idea in designing a kitchen is with a parallel system. The parallel system is the art of designing a kitchen to make it look more presentable and attractive. This system has a characteristic that the kitchen has a linear shape, it means like a hallway. For furniture and other kitchen equipment is placed closer to the wall on the left and right. modern-and-trendy-blue-parallel-kitchen-designBesides neatness parallel system also has the virtue in terms of efficiency. With the shape of the room that resembles a hallway, then when we do the activity in the kitchen, of course it will be very easy for us to move as needed. On the right and left side of the wall we can put a variety of kitchen supplies, such as vanity, wall cabinets, shelves, or even accessories.modern-and-modish-parallel-kitchen-design The parallel kitchen ideas, the system also will look attractive and harmonious when the left and right walls have the same composition. The composition in the mean is each have furniture with the same amount and form. The parallel kitchen will be more perfect if we use a symmetrical arrangement style system.extraordinary-parallel-kitchen-design To the end we can vary by placing a window or door. Besides other interesting ideas as placing a few plants or put some wall shelves. For interior color themes, we can use colorful style. This of course will add to the impression pull on the design and decoration of a kitchen.

cool-modern-parallel-kitchen-design-ideas comfortable-parallel-kitchen-design-ideas adorable-modern-parallel-kitchen-design cozy-parallel-kitchen-ideas cool-white-and-gray-parallel-kitchen-design modern-classic-long-parallel-kitchen-ideas modern-fresh-parallel-kitchen-design-with-glossy-green-cabinets modern-parallel-kitchen-design-with-high-gloss-red-cabinets modern-sharp-yellow-kitchen-design-with-parallel-style modern-small-parallel-kitchen-design-with-pastel-cabinets modern-stylish-parallel-kitchen-design-with-glossy-flooring-and-pink-furniture-sets