Placing the flexible led lights under the couch will make the atmosphere in the family room more beautiful and attractive

The family room is the main part of the house that is to be noted the design and decoration. In the family room there are several types of furniture, one of which we can be decorated with beautiful is the couch. As we know, there are many things that we can do to the family room more attractive and interesting, especially to the couch. To create a beautiful family room, aspects that need to be noted is the placement of accessories and a good lighting system. One of the creative ideas that we can do is decorated this couch. To decorated this couch so that more interesting, we could put lighting under the couch. This lighting system aims to get a lighting reflected on the floor. Because in place under the couch, then the results of the lighting will be reflected to the floor. To get a beautiful lighting decoration on the couch, we can use the type of LED light strips, or flexible strips lights. When we put along the bottom of the couch, then the light produced is reflected around the floor under the couch. For the type of light color, will be better if we use the type of colorful strip LED lights. If the main illumination light on the ceiling we turn off, then something extraordinary will be created on the living room belongs to you. The placement of the strip LED lights under the couch is one of the creative ideas that we can apply in the family room.