Prefabricated homes design has more energy efficient if compared with the kind of home in general

Prefabricated home is a home built with construction not permanent and with simple form but very beautiful and interesting. Although could be called as the home not permanent, but it could not be called type mobile home, why is that? This is caused by some factors, one of them is the prefab home have not wheels or the axle, so could not be move everywhere. While mobile home have wheels so for its owners can take everywhere in accordance with desire. appealing-energy-efficient-prefabricated-homes
One of excellence prefab home compared with home type in generally is energy efficient. Almost all types of modern prefab home prefer on energy efficient from the sun’s rays. Also have simple architecture design, but have benefits that remarkable. By placing the glass walls exterior will prefer a lot of sun’s rays which are coming, so the home will seem luxurious and beautiful. While for parts of the roof, the prefab home have concrete by placing square glass inside. This is aimed that energy efficient can be obtained from the front, side, back, and over. If has the glass arrangement and light slit good so will be gotten a prefab home design with energy efficient that good. If compared with type home another, the superiority of prefab home design is: easily in the construction, have the simple form, and have energy efficient that good.