Put the Persian Style Rug in the Kitchen, It Will Give a Different Impression on the Interior Decoration

Decorating the walls and ceiling in the kitchen may be used in doing a lot of people. So what about the floor? In decorating the floor in the kitchen, most people decorate with a floor lamp, rug, plants, standing lamp, and more. From some accessories for the kitchen floor we have mentioned above, there is one that can be central to the beauty of the kitchen, its rug. adorable-white-and-black-kitchen-design-with-Persian-floor-rugOne motif of the rug for a kitchen which we think is very interesting is the Persian style rug. The Persian rug style is usually placed in a living room or dining room. After seeing examples of pictures which we present here, apparently Persian rug is suitable and interesting if we place it in the kitchen. In terms of placement, the Persian rug fits perfectly in place along the floor near the vanity cabinet. In addition, if the kitchen there is an island, then laying around the kitchen island is also a brilliant idea. astounding-white-kitchen-design-with-Persian-rugUnique and attractive motifs on the Persian rug will give different shades in the kitchen. Placing Persian rug in the kitchen is also the creative ideas in decorating the kitchen to make it look more attractive. There are so many color motifs and themes found on Persian rug, see more on the examples of image that we present here.