Putting Creative Bike Planters to Beautify The Garden Decoration in Your Home


Outdoor garden with bike planter, it is very unique and creative. A bike is made into a decor accent on a garden. By utilizing an outdated bike into a unique and interesting work. By installing a basket on a worn bike, it turns out to give an interesting impression on a garden. In the basket we plant a variety of beautiful plants, this is the main attraction.


We can place the basket of plants on the front, center, back, or on the side of the bike. This creativity will give a different impression on the garden in your home. We can place it in the front garden, backyard garden, or even in the indoor garden.


To add a beautiful and interesting impression, we can give the paint color on the bike. In addition to baskets we can also put flower pots on the bike. If flowering plants grow with fertile, it will be more beautiful and attractive.


How do you think about this idea? Is this brilliant idea? If you are interested in this idea, you will easily create an interesting garden decoration and deserve to be displayed.