Revamp Your Small Home Office from the Usual Looks Become Extraordinary by Applying Gold Color Accent


Most of the small home office has a design that sometimes often makes us bored quickly. Unlike large home office, small home office equipment is limited and very simple. It is from these limitations that make us bored quickly. As a solution is to provide small home office with creative decor.


There is a simple way in decorating a small home office from the usual to be amazing. What is the idea? Yes, it’s gold accent color. As we know the color of gold is a color that symbolizes a luxury and a value of prestige. There are many ways to apply gold accent to small home office. As the first answer is put some gold decor accents on the table. This way is a simple way, with the gold decor accent do on the table, then the home office will have a new atmosphere.


For the second way is apply gold accent on wall shelves, table legs, hanging lamps, chairs, cabinets, and other furniture. As for the third way is apply the gold accent on the wall. This method may be done for example by using polka dot motif, either in the form of painting or installing wallpaper. Using gold accent in small home office will certainly change the usual impression to be extraordinary. See some examples of gold home office accent in this article.